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Need a Zoom Background?

If you're having a Zoom meeting, you need the best Zoom background. You can easily change your Zoom background using the virtual background feature in Zoom, no green screen required. If you need a background image for Zoom, or a background video for Zoom, we can help.

As any Zoom user knows, one of the best features lets you set a virtual background during your video meeting. This changes your real life background with a video or image background that you choose. If you have a green screen, you can use it, but you don't need a green screen to use a Zoom background — Zoom is smart enough to detect your background and swap it for a virtual background.

The Zoom background feature is very helpful for professionals in all sectors, including finance, education, law and technology. Whatever industry you're in, you can remove distractions during your Zoom meeting by using a Zoom background. Some users even choose to use a background meeting template to demonstrate the agenda for all participants.

Who is using Zoom backgrounds?

  • Sales professionals find that using a Zoom background during sales demonstrations helps make sure they appear professional when working from home and talking to prospects on video conference software.
  • Teachers and college lecturers are using virtual backgrounds in Zoom to keep students engaged during classes, lectures and seminars.
  • Consultants and coaches use their Zoom background to give their clients a consistent, businesslike environment, even when working from the kitchen table.
  • Finance and legal executives choose Zoom backgrounds to make a polished impression for their top-level customers.
  • It's also possible to use your Zoom background to inject fun and humor into your Zoom meetings. Put yourself on a beach during the Monday meeting or the bar during the office virtual happy hour when working remotely.

If you want the best Zoom backgrounds, Hello Backgrounds should be your first choice. We offer hundreds of image and video backgrounds, designed specifically for use in Zoom meetings. With thousands of happy customers all over the world, across all sorts of industries and professions, you will find a great Zoom background for your Zoom meetings here on our website.

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Help using Zoom Virtual Backgrounds.

Need help using Zoom backgrounds? Try the tips and tricks below, or check out our help guides.

How to use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Get started on Mac, Windows, Linux and more.

It's easy to use our virtual backgrounds for a Zoom video call. Before you start, check your system is supported by Zoom. Then:

  1. Position your camera so you have a solid, single-color background behind you. Although you'll see the best results using a green screen, a plain wall or curtain is fine. You won't need a green screen if your system meets certain system requirements.
  2. Download our backgrounds bundle and save it to your computer, then unzip the downloaded files. If you're not sure how to unzip files, check this guide for Windows or this guide for MacOS.
  3. Open your Zoom client, and in the settings menu, look for the option "Virtual Backgrounds".
  4. Click "Add Image" then select the image you want, or choose to add a video if you prefer.
  5. If the detected color is not accurate, use the color picker to select the color of your backdrop.
  6. Your background will now be displayed in the preview window. You can close the settings menu and return to your meeting.
  7. If you need more help, check out our detailed guide including screenshots.
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Check whether your computer, phone or tablet meets the system requirements for using backgrounds on Zoom without a green screen.

Even if your system doesn't meet the requirements, you don't usually need any special equipment to use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. All you need is a plain wall or another surface (like a curtain) of a single color. If you're on a budget, a bed sheet hanging from a curtain pole can work well.

For the best results, it's recommended to use a green screen (also known as a chroma key) background, and good lighting to ensure uniform lighting. These are quite affordable and great pop-up versions and roller-banner versions are easily available, so it's quick to put the backgrounds away after your Zoom meeting.

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Most people can use Zoom backgrounds with a computer, running Windows 7 or Windows 10, MacOS, and iOS devices such as the iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately, the virtual backgrounds feature is not supported by Zoom on devices running Android, Linux or Chrome OS.

For full information on whether you can use Zoom Backgrounds on your computer, phone or tablet, check the Zoom Virtual Backgrounds system requirements.

Download backgrounds for Zoom

When you first experience a virtual background, it seems like magic. Zoom does some clever, technical work to hide your messy, distracting surroundings. Here's a rough guide to how it works.

If you're using a green screen, Zoom uses a special effects technique that's been applied in the TV and movie industry for some years. The software identifies any pixels in the webcam feed which match the selected colour range (usually bright green - this colour is chosen because it is unusual in most settings, so it won't be confused with the colour of clothing or skin) and it replaces those pixels with a background image of your choice. For more information on how green screen special effects work, check out this video.

If you're not using a green screen, the technique is a bit more clever, but the principle is the same. Zoom's software runs a process for each frame of your webcam picture, using sophisticated computer vision techniques (applying a form of machine learning) to identify and classify which parts of the image are background, and which parts are the video participant (you). It replaces the parts which have been identified as background with your chosen background image.

Download backgrounds for Zoom

Our virtal backgrounds for Zoom will help you make the right impression on your video call. Here are some other tips you can use to make sure you look your best on camera:

  • Place your camera so that the frame captures your face and some of your upper body. Ideally, the camera should be aligned with your eyes - an external webcam and a gooseneck stand are ideal for this, although you can acheive the same effect using a laptop's inbuilt camera using a tall laptop stand or simply a stack of books.
  • Set up your lighting carefully. Use a light source that brightens your face, positioned in front of you. Of course, you won't want to use a light that's so bright you're dazzled by it. A diffuser can help with this. Make sure the angle of your light is pointing directly at, or from slightly above, your face. If the light points up from below your chin, you'll give the impression you're about to tell a ghost story.
  • Using headphones is a great way to to avoid feedback on the call. It prevents you (and others) from hearing an irritating echo on the call, and if your headphones have a built-in microphone, you'll sound better than if you simply used your computer or phone's built-in mic.
  • Avoid wearing any clothing that is the same colour as the wall or backdrop behind you, as this can confuse the software and make you seem like a ghostly, disembodied figure!
  • Position your screen (and the call window) so that you can look directly at the camera lens when speaking on the call. Avoid looking at your own image on the call by minimising it. The other participants on the call will feel like you're making eye contact with them, which increases that warm, trustworthy feeling.
  • Sit up straight, or if you have a standing desk, consider standing. An upright posture will help you stay energetic and focused during the call. If you're sitting, use a firm chair and try wedging a cushion or two at your lower back to maintain good lumbar support.
  • Test your internet connection before the call. Ideally, you should use an Ethernet connection rather than WiFi, as this can improve connection latency. A tool like fast.com will show you how fast your connection is.
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